Nathan, President & Founder

What do I get to do for Rentec every day?
I get to come to a fun office, play ping pong, foosball, and drink coffee with all my co-workers. When not goofing off, I get to work on a software product that enhances the lives of our clients. When I get copied on an email telling me our software saved somebody a ton of time, I feel accomplished!
What is my dream job?
Am I too old to be an astronaut? Actually until I get to go to Mars, my dream job is right here at Rentec! Seriously, I LOVE waking up and coming to work.
One day, I hope to learn how to...
Fly a plane, or maybe a rocket.
My favorite rental story?
I once had a tenant that drove their van through the front of the house and parked it in the living room.
My favorite spare time activity?
This tends to change year to year, but in every case it's doing something amazing with my son. This year we both learned to ski so we're going to the lifts any chance we can get.
How well do you know Nathan?
Two of these statements are true. One is a lie. (Can you guess the truths?)
  1. I've been programming since I was 15 years old.
  2. I really enjoy Scuba diving in the Caribbean.
  3. Audi is my favorite auto maker.