Kevin, Client Success

What do I get to do for Rentec every day?
Help ensure our clients have the answers they need to successfully run our software.
What is my dream job?
Quality control at a cheesecake factory.
One day, I hope to learn how to...
Play a musical instrument.
My favorite rental story?
When looking to rent, the landlord could not remember if the fridge and washer & dryer belonged to her or the tenant that was about to move out and that she would have to check her records. The previous tenant told us they belonged to her and would sell them to us, if we needed them. Before we moved in, the landlord said she had purchased them from the previous tenant so that we would not have to worry about them or purchase them ourselves. However, after finally getting around to checking her records, the landlord realized that they did in fact already belong to her and the previous tenant sold her items that she already owned.
My favorite spare time activity?
How well do you know Kevin?
Two of these statements are true. One is a lie. (Can you guess the truths?)
  1. I’ve had a hip replacement.
  2. I’ve been married 3 times.
  3. I volunteered at an orphanage in Mexico.