Kaycee, Marketing Magician

What do I get to do for Rentec every day?
Marketing Magic
What is my dream job?
I’d love to work in a Confetti Factory, think of the sparkles! Or one of those kitten cafes or be an official board game tester!
One day, I hope to learn how to...
Play the ukulele, take a glass blowing class, master calligraphy, and make bananas fosters without burning down the house.
My favorite rental story?
My landlord told me not to send cash because the dog kept eating the rent money.
My favorite spare time activity?
Ping Pong, outdoor adventures, cooking, throwing parties.
How well do you know Kaycee?
Two of these statements are true. One is a lie. (Can you guess the truths?)
  1. I am good a doubles juggling
  2. I am the only blonde in a family of redheaded children.
  3. I love running.