Janell, Sales & Service Specialist

What do I get to do for Rentec every day?
I get to help people find solutions to their troubles - how awesome is that?!
What is my dream job?
Professional Piglet Snuggler,Hiking Guide For Happy & Adventurous People, Latin Dance Goddess
One day, I hope to learn how to...
Play the cello.
My favorite rental story?
Once I had a very classy elderly couple that was renting a prime location home. They offered to let me show the home prior to them moving out. I knew they kept it impeccable so I scheduled a tour with a family. As I opened the door to the master bedroom, I saw several giant nude paintings hanging on the walls of the couple and before I could shut the door, the whole family was inside and we all just stared.  Awkward.
My favorite spare time activity?
Dance-off with my daughter in our living room.
How well do you know Janell?
Two of these statements are true. One is a lie. (Can you guess the truths?)
  1. I won an award for kissing the most newts at outdoor school (96).
  2. I’ve had a piglet sleep in my bed.
  3. I love to play the air-guitar in the shower.