Brentnie, Assistant Marketing Director

What do I get to do for Rentec every day?
Marketing Magic II: Better Together
What is my dream job?
Party Planner, Book Critic, Travel Photographer/Destination Reviewer.
My favorite rental story?
I heard about a tenant who poured cement down a drain at a property; you can imagine the havoc and damage that caused. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so bad for a property manager.
One day, I hope to learn how to...
Become fluent in German, Learn graphic design, Take a cake decorating class, Join a beginners sewing group.
My favorite spare time activity?
Playing with my kiddo, Reading, Bike Riding, Painting.
How well do you know Brentnie?
Two of these statements are true. One is a lie. (Can you guess the truths?)
  1. The first time I was on a commercial plane was after I graduated college; I was almost certain I was the star of a real-life Truman Show.
  2. I have an (adopted) puppy named Rutherford, whom I dress for every holiday. One Halloween he was PUGkin spice latte.
  3. I originally went to school to become a history and theater teacher.