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Rentec Basic is free landlords software offered by Rentec Direct which enables property managers and landlords to effectively manage their properties, finances, and tax reporting on up to ten properties. Learn more about Rentec Basic. If you have more than ten properties, look at Rentec Pro.

Here's how our client's using the software rate Rentec Basic on a 5-star scale.

January 16th, 2018
Kathy Schein
Easton Properties

January 12th, 2018
Janoi Villegas

January 11th, 2018
Randy Simmons

January 11th, 2018
Konstantin Samorodskiy

January 10th, 2018
Ra-jene Clayton
Clayton Properties

January 10th, 2018
Hilary Hageman
Hageman Properties LLC

January 7th, 2018
Matthew Claypool

January 3rd, 2018
Byron McLeod
Sandollar Property Group

December 29th, 2017
Truman Perkins
Perkins Investments

December 28th, 2017
Joseph Schechter
Customer Review:
Great free program

December 21st, 2017
Dylan Dann
Customer Review:
It has been a while since I tried it out and I forget my experience.

December 16th, 2017
Agim Dogani

December 14th, 2017
Debora Souza
Deluca Real Estate

December 10th, 2017
Joe Clancy

December 8th, 2017
Conrad Manfred
Kodiak Leasing

December 2nd, 2017
Bridget Cascayan

November 29th, 2017
Customer Review:
easy to learn

November 29th, 2017
Wendy Lewis

November 24th, 2017
John Mason
Mason's Rents

November 22nd, 2017
Earle Greer
Spring Valley Real Estate Dev LLC

November 21st, 2017
Zafer Khatib

November 18th, 2017
Francis Nicholson

November 12th, 2017
John Wood

November 10th, 2017
Darrin Baxter
Just Right Asset Management LLC.

November 10th, 2017
Rich DiFonzo
Customer Review:
Website is very intuitive

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