Fix: Tenant Deposit Reports Shows Incorrect Amount Due

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Some of the newer reports and areas within the software show how much a tenant has due in their security deposit ledger.  If charges have been made to a deposit ledger prior to June, 2012 these reports may indicate incorrect values.  This was caused by entering charges, or additional amounts due, to the security deposit ledger through the primary tenant ledger.  We have since disabled that as an option to prevent further errors in reports.

To fix any security deposit ledger that is not reporting properly, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the tenant’s ledger, and click the security deposit balance in the top-right.  This will open the deposit ledger.
  2. Click the printer icon in the top-right to print the current ledger and print a copy of the ledger for reference.
  3. Now choose ‘erase ledger’ in the lower-right and select OK at the confirmation dialog.
  4. From the action menu, choose ‘Add Additional Amount Due’ and enter the value for how much the tenant’s owe for their security deposit (get this from your printed copy).  Repeat if necessary.
  5. Now add the debit or credit transactions as they appear on your printed copy into the ledger one at a time.

When completed, the security deposit ledger balance should equal what was printed, and by re-inputting these values through this interface all reports and locations within the software which rely upon these figures will be fixed.