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Once  your Rentec Account is enable with EasyPay Merchant ability, you will want to begin scheduling tenants for payments.  (If you have a standard EasyPay account, head to this link for instructions.)

First, we recommend you secure authorization from your tenant to begin using EasyPay.  Under your Settings tab/EasyPay Setup, we have provided you with Application Examples.  Feel free to download these examples and customize them for use.  Once you have customized your Tenant Application, you can upload it to this screen.   In this Settings tab, if you are going to be allowing credit card payments, you will want to set your convenience fee percentage and which cards you will be allowing.  Be sure to verify your email notification address and which account you wish to post transactions to within the program.

Next, to set-up individual tenants, head to the tenant tab, right-click on the tenant’s name, and select EasyPay from the menu.  In the EasyPay screen, you you will enter in the tenant’s banking information, check the box to enable EasyPay and set what you will charge the tenant for an ACH convenience fee.  If you will be scheduling your tenant’s payment, you can do that from this screen.  For Multipay, the frequency day is the day of the month/week this transaction is to happen on. With monthly transactions, the frequency day should be the actual day it is to pull. For weekly transactions, the frequency day corresponds to a day of the week: 1 = Sunday, 2 = Monday, 3 = Tuesday, 4 = Wednesday, 5 = Thursday, 6 = Friday, 7 = Saturday.

Both MultiPay and SinglePay can be scheduled on the day the pull is to happen.  Payments process three times each day – 6am, 8pm and 11:45 pm, Pacific.

Once you have enable a tenant’s EasyPay, they will be able to toggle their payments from their portal.  Follow this link to learn more about the Tenant Portal.

To track your EasyPay scheduled payments, you can pull a the Financial Reports “Completed EasyPay” and “Upcoming EasyPay”.  Note that any failed EasyPay payments from tenants will be emailed to you directly from your merchant account provider.  Once a transaction has failed, there will not be any subsequent attempts.  You will need to post this failed transaction within the program in the tenant’s ledger.  (Follow this link for instructions on how to post an NSF Transaction.)