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If you are a Rentec PRO or PM user, you have options at your fingertips for customizing a professional rental application that your prospective tenants can access online.  If you haven’t had a chance to customize your on-line application yet, head to your Settings tab, and select Rental Application Defaults.  Once you have customized your online application, you’ll want to read up on how your applicants can access your rental applications.

If you are looking for a generic, blank application form, we offer one you can use for printing.

Another great benefit of being a Rentec PRO or PM user is the ability to not only accept rental applications online, but also the fees for the application.  Through our EasyPay program, Rentec PRO and PM users can allow their applicants to use a credit card for paying application fees online.  In today’s busy world, not all rental activity is done in person, and property owners and managers who make the process more accessible are likely to beat out the competition.

If you would like to learn more about EasyPay  and our Merchant Accounts, head to your Settings tab, and select Setup EasyPay.