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Before beginning, all property listings (on the web or craigslist) look far better with pictures.  Right-click on the property and choose ‘File Libary’ and upload pictures of the property here.  Once uploaded, click the (share) link next to the picture, and choose ‘Use photo for listings’.  Once you’ve uploaded pictures, proceed to step 1 below.  You can also add or remove pictures later.

1. Open up your Properties tab. Right-click on the property you wish to advertise or enable online applications for and choose ‘Edit Property’.

2. Within the edit property screen, click on the ‘Property Menu’ link in the upper-right, then  ‘Profile / Marketing’ in the drop-down options.

3. Enter the details for the property as requested by the form. Be sure to check the ‘Enable Online Listing’, and ‘Enable Online Applications’. Take note of the website links on the right-hand side of the page that looks like ‘’. This URL will be the specific URL to this property. When done, click ‘Save Profile’. Click the link on the right to open up a new window with your property listing.  You can enter or advertise your property with or without a www in front of the URL, it will work either way. Tip: To list all of your properties, use the ‘all listings website’ URL instead.

You can also quickly make a great looking craiglist ad here by clicking the ‘Craigslist listing’ button on the right after you save your details.

New in 2011, to help you get more response on your vacancies; as a free benefit to landlords using Rentec Direct we automatically publish all online listings to popular rental listing sites that tenants commonly go to to search for vacancies.  Your listing gets published to these external sites within 24-72 hours after it is published at Rentec.  Some of these sites are,, Yahoo Real-Estate and about a dozen others.  We create a craigslist ad for you; however, per craigslist policies it has to be posted manually.  To disable this “syndication” to 3rd party sites, click the “No Syndication” button.

Click here to see a map of where your listing automatically posts.

Here’s an example of what a listing would look like on your own unique website.