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When you receive notice that your tenant is going to be moving out, you will want to schedule their move-out date.   To do so,  head to the Tenant tab, right click on their name, and select Move Out.  This is the screen you will see:

Be sure to verify the property you are scheduling a move-out for is listed correctly.  If they are transferring from one unit to another, use the arrow option and select the correct unit.  Then, enter the date they are scheduled to move-out.  To save your entry, select “Move Tenant Out” at the bottom of the screen  This move-out date will now be listed under their name on the Tenant tab and will also add them to the report “Rentals Ending,”  under Renter Reports.  It you need to change this move-out date, simply follow the above directions and select a new date.

After the move out date has happened, your tenant will still appear under the tenant tab as “inactive.”  This will give you an opportunity to view their ledger and make any last changes for credits/charges.  Once you are finished making changes, you can archive your tenant.  To do so, right click on their name and select “Archive Tenant.”