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Within Rentec, you are able to track maintenance work orders for your properties, as well as allow tenants to report problems directly to you through their tenant portal.

To create a work from your program, click on the Property tab, right click on the property name and select Work Orders.  From here you will see a list of open Work Orders, and on the bottom of the screen, you have the option to create a new work order or view closed work orders.    Once you’ve selected “Add New Work Order” you can begin to create your work order.

From this screen, you are able to enter in an expense for this repair, upload any photos or documents, set a priority status and create a printable work order.

Once you have saved this work order, you will see a wrench icon appear next to the property name, indicating you have an open work order.  If you click on this icon, you can view a list of open work orders, edit a work order and view closed work orders.

To pull a report showing open and closed work orders for your property, click on the Reports tab and select the sub-tab Misc. Reports.


After selecting your property on the left side, and the desired report, you will have the options to view, print or email the report by selecting the appropriate icon in the upper left corner.

Tenants portals are automatically set to have the option to submit work orders and the program is also set to email you a notice of work orders submitted (to your contact email address under Settings.)  To turn off these options, click on the Settings tab and Program defaults and change these setting.