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If you have a merchant account, ACH transactions typically take 4 business days to complete.  Our funding partners now offer expedited funding if you wish to receive funds faster or send distributions faster.  Funding faster increases the risk to the bank, so they do charge for the faster funding.  Please see the table below.


  • Normal Funding: 4 days  – included – no additional cost
  • Accelerated Funding: 3 days – cost is 15bps
  • Expedited Funding: 2 days – cost is 25bps
  • Next Day Funding: 1 day – cost is 50bps

bps stands for basis points.  So 15bps is equivilant to 0.15% of the transaction, or 15cents per $100.  50bps is equal to 50cents per $100.

To apply, contact our staff at support@rentecdirect.com and let us know which funding you are interested in.

Pricing listed here is accurate as of February, 2013 and is subject to change.  Merchant accounts must be active and in good standing for a minimum of 60 days prior to applying for expedited funding.  All accounts require credit approval by the funding bank prior to activation.