Archiving and Deleting a Property

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To archive and/or delete a property from your active properties, you will first need to detach any tenants associated with the property. To archive tenants, go to the tenant tab, right click on their name and select “archive”. To learn how to delete a tenant, head here: Deleting Tenants

Once all tenants have been detached from the property, you are able to archive the property.  Click on the Properties tab, right click on the property name and select “Archive Property.”  Your property will now be visible in your Archived Properties file and you will not be charged for this property.  To view your archived properties, click on the link in the bottom right corner of the Properties tab.  All archived properties will retain their ledger transactions.

If you want to permanently delete a property, you can then right-click on an archived property and select “Delete Property.”  Warning!  Deleting a property is permanent.  If your property is a multi-plex, you will need to delete the sub-units first before deleting the master-unit.  To delete the sub-units, follow the same instructions above for deleting a property.  Once all sub-units are deleted, you will be able to delete the master unit.