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Rentec Direct Features

Rentec Direct
Online Rent Payments

Rentec Pro includes online rent payments for your tenants at no additional cost. Your renters can set up one-time or recurring rent payments through secure systems letting them pay via ACH or credit card.  New in 2019 - Accept renter CASH payments at 27,000+ locations.

Rentec Direct
Tenant Screening

Tenant screening reports give you a clear picture of your rental applicants financial and criminal background, so you can find the most qualified tenant for your rentals. Rentec Direct gives you instant access to credit reports, criminal reports, eviction history reports and more.

mobile app
Mobile App for Your Tenants

Provide your tenants with your very own mobile app where tenants can login to the Tenant Portal to make rent payments, submit maintenance requests, view payment history and see notifications.

Rentec Direct
Market Vacant Properties

Create beautiful rental listings for your vacancies, which will get published on your own custom website and syndicated to the top rental listing sites, like Zillow and Each listing allows your prospects to apply online and connect directly with you and your team.

Rentec Direct
Track Income & Expenses

Take the guesswork out of property and tenant accounting; Rentec Direct provides an easy to use general ledger accounting system complete with all the reports that are easy to understand by both you and your CPA.

Rentec Direct
Full Bank, Property & Tenant Accounting

Full bank, property and tenant accounting features make your record keeping simple and accurate. Easily navigate between properties, tenants, and other accounts. Generate ledgers, reports, and track expenses.

Get up and running in under an hour.

You will be up and running quickly, making good use of Rentec Direct in under an hour. Rentec Direct is so easy to use you can expect to be ready to go in as little as an hour and our easily reachable staff will support you every step of the way..

More Included Features
  • Online file management provides file storage related to tenants or properties safely and securely.
  • Complete inspections to protect your properties through a dedicated mobile inspection app, and provide copies of reports to tenants and owners.
  • Enter and track your own work orders and recurring maintenance, or allow tenants to place their own repair requests via your tenant portal.
  • Easily track bank deposits with undeposited funds support. You can allow your managers specific access to just the accounts they need.
  • Manage other recurring transactions such as: utility billing, landscaping or supplemental fees you may charge your tenants and let the software automatically generate the charges.
  • Many property management reports to show property performance, then quickly email those reports in PDF to owners.
  • Attach receipts and bills to expenses as you post them to easily keep a legal record of expenses.
  • At a glance stats and graphs of current and historical property performance.
  • Easily print checks with Rentec’s built in check printing support.
  • Easily enforce renters insuranace requirements for tenants and allow renters to order it right within their app.
  • Automated backups are included with Rentec’s online property management software solutions so you never need to worry about losing data.
  • An owner portal provides your owners have real-time instant access to view their property performance and payments.
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Rentec Direct

Suite of Products

Rentec Pro
Rentec Pro | Software for Landlords

Private landlords and apartment complexes.

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Rentec PM
Rentec PM | Software for Property Managers

For property managers who need trust accounting.

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Tenant Screening
Tenant Screening

Instantly order credit, criminal, and eviction reports on tenants.

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