Tenant Screening Steps

Step 1

Enter a few simple details about the subject you wish to screen. Then choose whether to use our Intellisearch which instantly searches your subjects entire tenancy history to show you the specific reports which will give you the best results. Alternatively, run a manual search to specify your own specific searches.

(Click the images to see full size examples)

tenant screening

Step 2

If you choose Intellisearch, the system will automatically determine the best searches for you to run on this subject for maximum accuracy. Intellisearch only recommends the searches where a subject has previously lived, and therefore often saves you money over more broad searches. Make your selections here and click Next.

If you chose to run a manual search, you would be given a choice of states and county records to search (not displayed here).

tenant screening

Step 3

Choose any national search products to include with your order.

Two favorites of landlords are the SSN Verification as it shows a living history of the subject and is very inexpensive. Another is the Eviction, Liens, and Judgements search. What could be more imporant than knowing if this prospective tenant has had a forced eviction or judgement in their past.

tenant screening

Confirm Order

Before you finish you are given a chance to review your order, prices, and the total. Click Back to make any modifications, or click Process Order to continue.


tenant screening

Status Screen

Once you have submitted an order, or anytime thereafter, you can see the status screen. This will show you which orders are completed or which may still be pending. As orders complete they will be marked 'Complete' here, and you can then click on the completed orders to view their details.


tenant screening

Example Report

For this example, we clicked on the SSN Verification line which displays details for the social security number we searched with. This example shows the name matches the SSN entered; however, it shows there is a death certificate for this SSN, meaning if this was a real tenant, they likely were not providing accurate information on their application. Additionally you see complete address history for this subject.


tenant screening