Automatic Bank Account Synchronization

Connecting Rentec with your operating accounts couldn't be simpler. Rentec supports automated protocols used by the nationwide banking system to automatically download your transactions from your financial institution into your Rentec account. This is a critical key into maintaining the integrity of your ledgers and saving significant time in manual entry and reconciliation. With Rentec, it's all automated and it comes with your Pro or PM subscription at no added cost!

How It Works:

Step 1 Enable online services within Rentec and at your financial institution (commonly referred to as "direct pay").
Step 2 Within Rentec, click the "Sync w/ Bank" option in your accounts tab, enter your bank login information, and Rentec goes to work downloading the transactions.
Step 3 Use Rentec's easy to use transaction matching engine to automatically match the downloaded transactions to existing ledger entries, or enter new entries on the spot.

That's it! You can also save your work and come back to it any time if you don't make it through the complete transaction list in one sitting.