Rentec Direct provides simple solutions for filing 1099-MISC tax documents online through a partnership with Nelco, authorized tax professionals.  

For the 2016 tax season, Rentec Direct users are eligible for ONE FREE e-filing with discount code BB3 (includes one federal e-file and recipient reporting service).

E-filing through your property management software includes:

  • Federal E-Filing: Electronically send your 1099 data directly to the IRS.
    • Federal E-File Deadline: March 31, 2016
  • Recipient Reporting: All complete filing are printed and mailed directly to recipients. Additionally, recipients have the option to download a copy of their 1099 form securely online, eliminating wait time.
    • Recipient Reporting Deadline: February 1, 2016.

Not sure if you need to file 1099-MISC tax forms?  Check out the 1099 Tax Requirements for Property Managers article for more information.  

You can see just how easy Rentec Direct makes electronic 1099 filing for you with this how to video.

2016 Tax Filing Discount Code