Rentect Image Ad 2_DEC V1Rentec Direct’s  tenant screening is the best tool in the industry to get you the info needed to make informed decisions on whether or not to accept a prospective tenant or deny them. Rentec’s credit and criminal background check are fast and easy to obtain, affordable, accurate, and provides a look at a person’s ability and track record on paying bills on time.  Using Rentec’s screening products can help protect an investment and reduce the headache and costs associated with dealing with a tenant who doesn’t pay rent timely or at all.

With Rentec’s online property management software, property managers and landlords can get reports on an applicant’s criminal background at the state, county & national level.  In addition to background checks Rentec Direct also works with TransUnion, to provide credit reports on a prospective tenant. Results are returned instantly and you can easily review the report to find out if the applicant has a history of paying their bills and paying them on time.

Rentec Direct also offers social security number validation. This screening report can quickly determine if the SSN is in use by anyone else and can help reduce the incidence of fraud. In addition, Rentec has a report available that provides information on a prospective tenants eviction history.  Tenant screening reports are generated instantly, 24/7, and are easily accessible by the property manager or landlord.   With Rentec Direct you can  bundle all reports together in a package or order reports A la Carte or individually.

Rentec Direct is offering a discount of $20 on premium tenant screening packages. This package includes: credit, nationwide criminal, eviction, and SSN verification reports. The pricing, as you can see below, is quite low when compared to the competition and it is absolutely not because it is an inferior product.

Tenant Screening Services
For more information on Rentec Direct’s tenant screening products see our quick video tour of our tenant screening process.