thinking-272677_640Rentec Direct provides property and tenant accounting that is simple to use. In a recent blog about buying trends in property management software we learned that 53% of rental property owners still use spreadsheets or manual methods to manage their rental properties but there is a huge demand and need for an industry specific cloud based software program. There are many tasks that property managers and landlords do which are unique and specific to this particular line of work. It only makes sense to use an accounting software program that has been established to meet those needs and complete those tasks. Using an accounting software program that is not specific to managing properties that includes more complex features and extraneous capabilities is difficult to navigate and efficiently utilize.  There is no need to have an accounting degree or bookkeeping experience to use Rentec’s easy to use software. The software was developed by landlords who know and understand the information that is needed to effectively manage properties in a time efficient manner. Once signed up you are guided step by step through the setup process and there are tutorial videos on many of the features such as this, quick-start guide.

Because Rentec is an online monthly subscription you always get the latest and greatest updated features of the product with no need to re-purchase the software. In addition, being an online software program transforms your work space into a virtual office, allowing you to login and check your property accounts from home, work, or while on vacation or out-of-town. Rentec’s accounting ledgers work together to automatically flow transactions to the tenant, property, owner, and bank account ledgers. for example; A tenant payment received will automatically post as income to the property and any associated owners and bank accounts.  All of your data and documents are available and safely backed up via the cloud. Printing, copying and keeping paper files is a thing of the past, it’s not only “green” it’s a huge time saver. You are able to universally search the entire database for any type of information such as a vendor, tenant, or a specific transaction. When compared to searching through paper files, it’s easy to see how this can save you a lot of time. All of the accounting data is integrated into the software, all in one easy to search place.

If you haven’t watched the product overview video recently it has been updated to include the latest and greatest features you may want to as I’m sure you won’t want to miss out on using all of the amazing capabilities of the software. As always, we are seeking your feedback and suggestions to make the software even better.