thumbs upRentec Direct has a long list of customizable reports available for use by to all of its subscribers.  Reports have been added over time based on user feedback and feature requests.  If you have any ideas for reports which would help you manage your properties, please email them to us at

Account Summary – Summary of all of your banking accounts in one location. The report includes the total income, the expenses, and the balance.

Property Summary – Summary based on each property.  The report includes the total income, the expenses, and the balance.

General Ledger – Customizable general ledger report can be seen by property or by account.  This report can be sorted by date and even allows you to enter a custom date range. The general ledger report has recently been improved so that you can easily identify and classify uncategorized transactions. To identify Uncategorized transactions, go to the “Category Ledger” report, and select “000 Uncategorized”.  You’ll be presented with a list of all transactions without having to search. To top it off you can edit the transactions from here in the report.

Current Deposits –  This report gives a quick look at all of the deposits that have been made on a property basis.

Lease Expiration – Quick report to show you which properties have leases and when those leases expire.

Rent Roll – This very useful report gives an at a glance look at properties, the tenants, the rent due, and current account balance.

Vacant Properties – This simple report lists all properties that are currently vacant.