As a landlord or Property Manager, dealing with a meth lab can be a daunting and very expensive task but did you know that even after the clean up you may still be required to disclose the fact that meth was previously cooked at your property? In fact, a little over half of the states in America require disclosure and each state has there own unique twists regarding the disclosure making it very important to be familiar with your state’s laws.

Homeowners and Real Estate Agents in twenty-seven states are required to disclose meth contamination in a home for sale. The level of disclosure varies by state; some states require written notices, some require no disclosure if the site has had all of the chemicals and hazardous toxins professionally and adequately cleaned and treated, while other states have some variations of these two standards. Fewer states (seventeen) require disclosure for rental properties.

If you suspect that there was or is a meth lab in a rental unit, call a professional trained in dealing with these hazardous and explosive toxins to come and inspect the property immediately. It is important to be familiar with and be able to identify some classic meth lab signs. Some of the most common signs include; a strange chemical or ammonia odor, an excessive amount of household items such as; lye, paint thinner, antifreeze, matches, cold medicine, drain cleaner, etc., installation of venting, masks, rubber gloves, camp stoves, propane tanks, and a very secretive, private tenant.

There are resources available to check to see if a property you own or manage, or for investors, are considering purchasing has had a meth lab. The first place to check would be the online DEA’s National Clandestine Laboratory Register. They have a state by state listing of all known contaminated properties. The second resource to check would be your county clerk’s office or local police department for any arrests or complaints previously made.

Have any of you had to deal with a meth lab or come across any of the telltale signs of a meth lab?